Taipei Solo Exhibition- Circus Mind Running Wild

Taipei Solo Exhibition- Circus Mind Running Wild

Here it is first solo exhibition in Taiwan! 🇹🇼
My show "Circus Mind Running Wild" organized by @apportfolio will be held in Huashan 1914 Cultural and Creative Industry Park for a week from March 4, 2022 to March 9, 2022.

“Absorb the unrestrained nature of the city of Los Angeles on canvas, in bold iconic reds, slate greens, blacks and whites; giving diabolical characters a variety of looks; nudes or innocent children in his It also creates many calm conflicts, inconsistencies, and reactionary gazes full of tension; showing a seemingly silent and low-key but strong sense of existence.

The exhibition will also sell the artist's derivative products, including sculptures, T-shirts, key rings, limited edition skateboards and towels, etc.,

Don’t wanna miss this!”

Exhibition to Public Dates: 2022/3/5-3/9
Exhibition VIP Day: 2022/3/4