Shooter #2 Print
Shooter #2 Print

Shooter #2 Print

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Part 2 of shooter series by T-REX. Personally shot & signed by T-REX. (Some prints have a little extra art added to them.)

Shot in Barstow, CA with 9mm, 12 gauge, 5.56, & 223 bullets. (Bullet holes will vary from print to print)

(Original Piece)
Shooter #2
Acrylic, charcoal, colored pencil on canvas.

12in x 18 inch print on a paper target. 
Signed & numbered out of 250. The print is unframed.

18in x 24in print on a paper target. 
Signed & numbered out of 100. The print is unframed.

Please allow ~10 business days for shipping.